Saturday, January 26, 2008

busy day

The living room is just about finished, as evidenced by this photo.

I still need to add the finishing touches, like curtains and lamps and pictures, but it's basically finished. And besides, there are more important things to do now, as evidenced by this photo.

That's Theo. And he is one bear of cat. He's the softest ever and he's got huge eyes and paws. He hasn't meowed once since coming home, but he's been purring. His nails needs to get clipped first thing tomorrow because they are ridiculously long. Once he's hooked onto something, he can't let go of it without some assistance. I'll be making a run to PetSmart twice tomorrow. Once for supplies and once for his nails.

He's from the Montgomery County SPCA. I'm going to go play with him now!

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