Tuesday, March 4, 2008

first run

It was a nice warm day today so I went running. It was the first time since I had Plantar Fasciitis - nearly a year. My foot has been feeling fine, but by the time it had healed, I was just riding more and didn't get back into running. Today was also the first time that I did pretty much any significant physical activity since breaking my ribs in September. (I played football in November, but that was a family game and doesn't really count.) It felt great to get out. I didn't know how far I was going to be able to run, but I would have been happy if I didn't pass out from a lack of oxygen. I surprised myself and ran over 2 miles - 2.2 according to Google Maps. I didn't pass out, I didn't have a heart attack. When I checked my pulse it was 128. Right now, almost 3 hours later, my pulse is at 64. Here's my route and proof of the distance.

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