Tuesday, January 20, 2009

home improvement update

Well, the electrician comes tomorrow at 8:00am. He's roughing in all the new kitchen wiring. Jared and I finally framed out the party wall so he could come in. Once he's done, the next step will be to get the drywall up on the two walls (party wall and dining room wall). Spackling and priming follow. I can't decide if it will be easier to paint before bringing in all the cabinetry, but I think it will be. Seems to me that painting without obstacles is the easiest thing to do.

It's a nice feeling to be making some progress, finally, on the kitchen. I'm frustrated at how long it's taken me to get to this point. I just want to be finished it. An image is beginning to form in my head as Becca and I come closer to choosing counters and appliances. I'm going to starting thinking about the menu for the first meal soon.

In other project news, the office is primed and ready to be painted. I haven't felt like doing the ceiling the last couple of days, but it needs to get done so I've got a place to work when I'm telecommuting. And it'll be nice to have that room finished for Becca's computer and crafting materials.

I spent all evening cleaning up the basement, making room for the electrician to get to the places I think he'll need to get to. More bags of trash, more vacuuming, more dust...there's just so much crap. I want to make a wine rack under the basement stairs. It's a decent space for that and it's certainly cooler down there in the summer than anywhere else in the house. I also figure I'll move the slot cars down there.

Sigh. So many plans for the house.


Dannyelletata said...

While painting before putting in cabinets may seem like a wonderful idea, consider the following:

Our kitchen used to be dark, dark red, almost brown, and when we moved in, I wanted it to be bright green, so I started priming the walls and realized that the walls were painted before the cabinets were put in and there were a bunch of spots that I couldn't reach with the brush or even by putting the paint on my fingers and trying to fill it in, and it didn't work very well and you can see it (if you look closely or are in the room a lot)

Mind you, I am extremely, incredibly obsessive compulsive and this has driven me absolutely INSANE (and still does...and we painted it over a year ago)

But also, if you put in the cabinets first, you may not be able to reach those aforementioned spots....

but if this won't bug you, feel free to LOL at my disorder :[

Josh said...

Hmmm...interesting thought. I also am obsessive compulsive and it would bug me if I couldn't get to certain areas of the walls to paint. Really, it's a Catch-22.

Consider, if you will, in my kitchen:
1. There is nothing on the walls at all.
2. The walls have been stripped to the bare plaster.
3. We picked the color.
4. We'll leave your dilemma to the people that come after us and hope it's not too horrible for them. :)

I would, however, hate to have been in the position you were in myself.

And I still like all the colors you picked.